Monday, February 22, 2010

Federal Judge from the Eastern District of New York Declares Mortgage Void and Unenforceable

By Nicholas M. Moccia
Law Offices of Robert E. Brown, P.C.

United States District Judge Sterling Johnson, Jr., of the Eastern District of New York, renders a bombshell of a  decision to void and declare unenforceable a $960,000.00 mortgage an the grounds of fraudulent inducement.  Yanki Tshering, and her attorneys at Robert E. Brown, P.C., commenced this action in July of 2008 against Fairfield Financial Mortgage Group, Inc., and Shaw Mortgage Group, Inc.  Following the inattentive failure of the mortgage companies to appear or defend against Tshering's claims, District Judge Johnson affirmed the recommendation of the magistrate to void and declare unenforceable Tshering's mortgage.  I'm sure Tschering and her attorneys have the attention of the mortgage companies now...

See  Yanki Tshering v. Fairfield Financial Mortgage, Inc. and Shaw Mortgage Group, Inc.,  Docket Number 08-CV-2777-SJ-RML.

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