Wednesday, July 7, 2010

NY Post “ Homeowners’ Hero Judge Slaps US Bank”

By Kate Cavallaro
     Law Offices of Robert E. Brown, P.C.

Brooklyn Judge, Arthur M. Schack, dismisses yet another foreclosure case brought by the offices of Steven Baum. Schack dismissed this particular foreclosure action “because the lawyer on the case, ... represented the mortgage broker, the bank that brought the loan and the industry registration service serving as the nominee of the loan.” Apparently the conflict of interest issues were not the only problems with this action. Additionally, Judge Schack “found that the bank, US Bank, never should have filed the foreclosure action because of an ‘ineffective assignment of the subject mortgage and note to it.” Also at issue in this case was the role of Baum lawyer, Elpiniki Bechhakas, who, according to the Post article “singed paper claiming to be an executive of Mortgage Electronic registration System (MERS),… while simultaneously representing Fremont and US Bank, which filed the foreclosure in July 2009.” The NY Post also reported the Baum’s “Buffalo based foreclosure mill” had filed 12,551 foreclosure actions in the New York area just last year.

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