Thursday, November 3, 2011

“Worst Person of the Week” | Keith Olbermann Wears Guy Fawkes Mask While Giving Out Steven J. Baum’s Address (MUST VIEW VIDEO)

Be sure to watch the entire video…

“Steven J. Baum of Buffalo, NY is the state’s largest foreclosure mill,”

“It represents banks and mortgage servicers in their efforts to foreclose on homeowners and throw them out. It has been accused of trickery to try to evict people with steady incomes who were up to date on their mortgages. So naturally for Halloween, Steven J. Baum encouraged its employees — all of whom, I assume live in terror of becoming the next victims of their scumbag bosses — to dress up for homeless people, carrying bottles of booze, wearing signs that mock the excuse of those that have been unfairly evicted.”

Olbermann asked as the camera revealed him a Guy Fawkes mask.

“So this is what they dress up as for Halloween? We’re going to play that game, are we?”

Fawkes is a historical figure that has been adopted as a symbol of the hacker activist group “Anonymous.” The mask has recently been a favorite of protesters across the world.

And just like Anonymous might do, Olbermann disclosed the physical addresses of Steven J. Baum offices in Amherst and Long Island.

“It’s a long game, Steven J. Baum, and there are many costumes to be worn,”

“Being a foreclosure mill law firm is bad enough, adding visual abuse of your victims on Halloween, poor choice.”

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