Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Top Banker Servicing Abuses. Has This Happened To You?

- Loan sold without your knowledge

- Dual Tracking (working on mod & foreclosure filed)

- Foreclosure filed even though you’re current

- Faxing modification paperwork multiple times

- Different stories every time you call your lender

- Trial Mod exceeds the 3 month timeline

- Improper denial of HAMP (or in-house mod)

- Rights waiver inserted into loan modification agreements

- Improperly applied mortgage payments

- Escrow payments applied incorrectly

- Bogus/inaccurate fees on reinstatement figures

- Not providing timely reinstatement or payoff figures

- Bank provides no communication to borrower regarding late payments or
pre- foreclosure

- Robo-signing (save the best for last). Bad signatures, bad assignments, no

If you believe any of the above has happened and feel you need help to resolve the problem(s) please contact our office for a FREE consultation.

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