Monday, December 5, 2011

Predatory Loan Test

You May Have a Predatory or Fraudulent Mortgage If:

•The closing took place in your home or place of business
•There was no physical closing
•You never signed any paperwork
•You never received all of your paperwork
•The mortgage broker promised or paid you to close
•You received no paperwork before the closing
•You were promised a fixed rate loan and then received an adjustable rate
•Your payment was higher than broker stated it would be
•You were told your payment included taxes and insurance
•You were told you needed to buy “life insurance” in order to be approved
•Your income was inflated
•You were approved for the loan based on the value of your home not on your income
•The mortgage broker increased the number of apartments on your application
•The broker added bank accounts you don’t have or inflated the balance in them
•The mortgage broker received an “extra” payment from the bank (known as a Y.S.P.)
•The mortgage broker earned more than what would be consider reasonable
•You refinanced multiple times (loan flipping)
•Broker promised to refinance you into a “better loan”
•Interest rate is higher than promised or incorrect
•Cash out promised is less than received
•Closing costs are higher than stated
•High closing costs
•Unearned or bogus fees paid to the bank or broker
•Payment to mortgage broker is higher than shown on closing statement (HUD)
•You were specifically targeted for a specific type of loan (more fees for broker)
•You were locked into the loan for a long period (or you had to pay a fee)

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